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EP #9 Building bridges between people and technology with an entrepreneur, producer, and creative visionary Valev Laube from New York - Part 1

November 8, 2020

In this episode we meet a brand builder - Co-Founder & Executive Director of The VL Studios Valev Laube - who is originally from Estonia, but right now lives in New York. An entrepreneur, creative visionary and producer Valev is also the first Estonian who has been listed in the Forbes list under 30 in America. Valev accelerates not only brands but also talented personalities. He weaves together design and marketing by finding ways how to unite people and be part of co-creation projects also artistically.

In the first episode we go along to his journey to figure out his talents and put them to work as a graphic designer and a brand builder. We also look into the life of New Yorkers during the pandemic of 2020 and also how Valev dealed with his anxiety. If you have never heard of Estonia you will also get couple of tips where to start. Enjoy and share!

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01:30 How Crystal Ra and Valev know each other

01:39 Introduction to Valev Laube

05:05 Journey from a little Estonian village to New York 

05:44 Sister's surprise gift in New York

07:00 Tartu and music school and trying out different things

08:20 International school in Italy – 90 different countries represented

09:19 Graphic design passion

09:30 Bachelors in Rochester University in USA

10:05 Online learning

11:00 Abundance in action treasure box

11:46 Family's support for my passions

12:38 Crystal's journey to discover herself

13:56 Everything is interconnected – everything you learn will be used later

14:39 Valev's guide through fear

15:25 Look back about the worries of the past

15:46 Trust the factor of time to figure things out

17:08 List of the worries – your past self can not figure out your future problems

17:47 Meeting someone inspiring and your mind can shift

18:00 Crystal's experiences from fear – there is a gift in every fearful moment

18:53 Everything is divine

20:17 Accents in America

20:47 Trust the process of change

21:23 Crystal's 3 hints about Estonia

22:34 Little countries like little treasures to be found

23:24 Visiting Estonia with Michael, (Crystal's husband) for the first time

25:00 NYC during the pandemic of 2020

27:01 New Yorkers responses

27.53 New New York emerging

28:31 Upper West side opening up in a new way

29:07 Personal experiences in these times – losing some close friends

30:21 Personal physical challenges with chest pains

32:03 Anxiety diagnoses

32:25 Depression and antidepressants

34:00 Anxiety incident

34:32 Only sleep and work took away social life

35:00 Was not physical – tried CBD oil, tea

35:42 Mental change and shift

36:36 Responsibility calling

37:22 How Valev came back to normal

38:11 New rules to take care of himself

38:40 Anxiety was connected to mental health

39:30 Redefine yourself now

40:00 Bond with friends

40:20 Do not do Google research your illnesses

40:52 Mental and physical health's interconnectedness

41:48 Get help from doctors and therapists

42:11 Trust your body

42:26 Self-care routines and change in the position of the priority list

43:07 Grateful for clients – being entrepreneur you get to create your job

43:48 Less distractions right now

44:06 Self-reflect and reshape life

44:39 Life your life so you do not regret

44:56 Brand building is like art - building the bridges between the humans and the digital

45:27 Brand is influencing and experience



Find out more info about Valev Laube here: 

Facebook page for VL studios 

Valev Laube web page

The VL Studios

Check out the amazing gift and the complimentary consultation schedule link what Valev shared with our listeners and viewers here:

Check out also this amazing project where Valev is a brand manager: 

Singing Revolution Musical



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